I.C.T. - A Student’s Guide to the New Computer Network

What will be different about using a network?
There are only three changes. You will have to log on using your own user name and password, you will have to save your work in your own folder and you will have to remember to log off at the end of the lesson. All applications will perform in exactly the same way as previously experienced.

Why are we doing this?
You will be able to access your work from any computer in the school. Your folder is password protected and, therefore, secure against accidental or malicious tampering. In addition, the system will be faster and you should even find it more difficult to lose or misplace work!

What happens if I forget my password?
It is a bit like forgetting your PE kit – you will not be able to use the computers and will have to do written work. You should see the ICT technician or Mr McLean at a convenient time who will look it up for you.

What do I do if someone else knows my password?
You should contact the ICT technician immediately who will issue a new one to you. You must keep your password secure, as you are wholly responsible for anything that happens on a computer when it is logged on under your name. We will be able to track everything that happens on all the computers and who was logged on at the time. We will never accept the excuse that someone else must have logged in your name and you will be in trouble if anything untoward happens. To prevent this, you must make sure that no one else knows your password.

What will happen if I forget to log off?
The next person to use the machine will have access to all your files. Remember you are responsible for anything that happens while the computer is logged on under your name.

What if I forget how to save or how to log off?
Refer to this help sheet, look at the wall posters, ask your teacher or ask your teacher to call the ICT technician who will be available directly for staff and students who need any further information.

What will my logon name be and where do I get my password?
In most cases it will consist of the first letter of your first name, followed by the first five letters of your surname, followed by the year you took or will take your GCSEs. Anita Ampomo, who sat her GCSEs in the year 2000 for example, has a user name of Aampom00. Your tutor will issue your password. The first screen you will see will ask you for your user name and password.

Why won’t my password work?
Passwords are case sensitive so make sure you have not got the “Caps Lock” on. If this doesn’t work, contact the ICT technician.

How do I save?
Work will be saved to your own folder as shown in the example below:

You will be able to see other people,s folders, but will not be able to open them. Your folder has sub-folders installed to help you organise your work. You can delete these or create more if you wish. To save, follow the steps shown below:
  • File
  • Save As
  • My Documents
  • Pupils on ‘curriculum1’(U:)
  • Users
  • Your own log on name” (e.g. ‘AAllen04’)
  • Choose a sensible name for your file
Log off?
Click the start button ( ) at the bottom of your screen and choose Log Off.